An Illusion

Sweet melodies encompass the theatre. A spotlight illuminates the protagonist. The house lights dim and the attention of the crowd is full. The cast is in their prime as they create a roar of laughter amidst the crowd. A man pleaded to stop the production only to be named a fool. The show must go … More An Illusion

Stay True

How many times just these past couple of weeks has somebody told you that they will do something and they didn’t follow through? They promise they will send you a certain file, check on something for you, or say they are going to attend a certain event and it just never happens. The hollow promise … More Stay True

Wedding Pictures

God has blessed me greatly and I recently got married to my best friend and love of my life, Morgan. We have had quite the journey dating for five years, but those years have prepared us for a marriage that will last a lifetime. Waiting all that time was not easy and it was not … More Wedding Pictures

The Calling

Christians, no matter where you are at in life, you have to desperately battle against lust. Our society has willingly saturated our environments with men and women whose goal is to sexually entice you. My wife and I have concluded that it is impossible to fully evade temptation. Whether it is going shopping, going bowling, … More The Calling